Raising awareness and action on World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day – a day to raise awareness and support those living with HIV/AIDS, and also commemorate those who have died.

This year’s theme – Getting to Zero – aims to raise awareness to reduce the risk of new infections, reduce discrimination for those living with the disease, and reduce AIDS related deaths.

“Thirty years ago a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS was a death sentence, but today many people living with HIV can expect a near-normal life expectancy,” Medicines Australia CEO, Tim James, said.

“We know that in part modern medicines have made a significant contribution to improving quality of life for many people living with HIV/AIDS.

“Modern medicines like global access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) and other innovative treatments, have demonstrated major progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS, which is now seen as a chronic disease managed with medicines.

“Globally, ART programmes have averted an estimated 7.6 million HIV/AIDS related deaths between 1995 and 2013, according to the World Health Organisation.

“This means that with timely access to these innovative new therapies and modern medicines, people living with HIV can expect a near-normal life expectancy.

“Modern medicines, including innovative therapies and scientific development, have transformed the treatment of HIV/AIDS, and with innovation as the fundamental driver of human development, the medicines industry will continue this transformative work for human kind.

“Working in partnership with people living with HIV, together with Government and international counterparts, we can continue to raise awareness, provide the support needed, and make sure access to modern medicines and innovative treatments are available for all patients living with HIV/AIDS.”


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