Review of Medicines Australia Code of Conduct

Medicines Australia has commenced a Review of its Code of Conduct and invites public submissions.

“Healthcare professionals, consumers, government and industry all need to remain confident that the conduct of the industry, the provisions of the Code and its administration remain appropriate and relevant to their interests” said Ian Chalmers, Chief Executive of Medicines Australia.

“Our Code is already comprehensive and world leading. Nevertheless, we need to ensure that the Code continues to meet public and professional expectations. That is why we have written directly to over 200 organisations and companies inviting their comment and submissions,” Ian Chalmers said.

“Principles of patient safety, quality use of medicines, the appropriate dissemination of information about medicines, and the role of industry in complementing the practice of medicine and pharmacy are central to this Review,” Ian Chalmers said.

Medicines Australia Chairman Mr Will Delaat will chair the panel given responsibility to review the existing Code and draft edition 16. Stakeholder consultations and the drafting processes are expected to take up to a year. Further opportunities to consider the redrafted Code will be extended to stakeholders and industry before it is submitted to the ACCC for authorisation.

The Medicines Australia Code of Conduct sets out the standards of conduct for the activities of companies when engaged in the marketing of prescription products used under medical supervision as permitted by Australian legislation.

There are currently 16 sections of the 215 page Code which cover matters including: responsibilities of companies when making claims, forms of product information, requirements for different types of promotional material, conduct of company representatives, educational events, sponsorship of healthcare professionals and organisations, post marketing surveillance and market research, relationships with the general public and with healthcare professionals, Code administration and monitoring.

The Medicines Australia Code of Conduct is reviewed every 3 years.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 10 October 2008.


Contact Person:

Donna Edman
Medicines Australia, Public Affairs
Phone: 0419 850 174