Russell Edwards’ NPS reappointment welcomed

Medicines Australia’s Acting Chief Executive Brendan Shaw today congratulated Russell Edwards on his reappointment to the Board of the National Prescribing Service.

“Russell’s reappointment is a positive move in fostering an effective Quality Use of Medicines agenda across the healthcare system,” Dr Shaw said.

“Medicines Australia looks forward to continuing to work closely with Russell and the NPS to help expand industry activity in this important arena.

“I expect that Russell’s exceptional experience and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry will remain pivotal in building on the constructive relationship between the NPS and Medicines Australia.

“Quality Use of Medicines is a key focus of the innovative pharmaceutical industry. It is essential that medicines are chosen wisely and used judiciously, appropriately, safely and effectively.

“The companies that make and supply prescription medicines have an important responsibility to ensure health professionals and consumers have up-to-date and relevant information to make wise choices about medicines.

“Medicines Australia welcomes all opportunities to work more closely with Government and other stakeholders to improve the Quality Use of Medicines.”

Mr Edwards has previously served as a member of the Medicines Australia Board and is currently a chair of the independent Monitoring Committee for the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct.


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