Senate sees off PBS Cost Recovery Legislation

Medicines Australia has commended Senator Fielding and the federal Opposition for voting today to defeat the National Health Amendment (Pharmaceutical and Other Benefits – Cost Recovery) Bill 2008 in the Senate.

“Medicines Australia maintains its opposition to the introduction of PBS cost recovery” said Ian Chalmers, Chief Executive. “We consistently argued that it is fundamentally wrong for industry to pay for Government procurement decision-making.

The proposal put forward by Government risked Australian patients’ access to medicines, it did not improve the expensive and lengthy process for PBS listing of new medicines and it deterred innovation and investment in the Australian pharmaceutical industry. This Bill deserved to be defeated.

Along with many other stakeholders, the pharmaceutical industry believes there has not been adequate consultation on the PBS Cost-Recovery proposal. At the very least today’s outcome should ensure appropriate and comprehensive consultation on issues fundamental to the sustainability of the PBS.” Mr Chalmers said.


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