Statement on Government’s response to Productivity Commission’s (PC) Inquiry in Intellectual Property.

MA notes the Government has today released their response to the Productivity Commission’s (PC) Inquiry in Intellectual Property.

We know that strong IP leads to greater innovation in the pharmaceutical sector.

We’re pleased the Government does not intend to implement the detrimental recommendations made by the PC as any changes that weaken IP in Australia could have a negative impact on the ability for all Australians to access to the latest innovative medicines. It would also diminish Australia’s competitiveness for investment in vital medical research such as clinical trials.

Therefore, It’s somewhat disappointing to read the Government supports the PC’s view on so-called pay-for-delay. It seems extraordinary to introduce additional regulatory burdens to monitor something when the Government itself acknowledges that there is no evidence to support the Productivity Commission’s view.

We look forward to examining the report in more detail and consulting with members and the Government to ensure that Australia’s IP system continues to encourage innovation, investment in research and development and access to the latest breakthroughs in medicines for all Australians.

More information: Natalie Wimmer – 0450728660