Transparency taken to new level with Centralised Reporting System Launch

Medicines Australia is pleased to announce the launch of our Centralised Reporting System available at

The system will make it simpler than ever to understand interactions between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals.

Due to go live from today, Friday 30 August 2019, the system will contain all information that was previously available through an individual company’s website, in an easily searchable form.

Medicines Australia CEO, Elizabeth de Somer thanked member companies for their support of the initiative.

“The Code of Conduct is already one of the best forms of a self-regulatory practice here in Australia, and has been since it was introduced almost 60 years ago,” said Ms de Somer.

“We are taking our already rigorous transparency model to the next level by providing a platform that’s easy to use and accessible to all.

“We are proud of the important role we play in educating medical professionals about the latest in innovative therapies.

“Our members provide clear information about payments to a healthcare professional so they can access the latest educational opportunities, attend conferences or symposia, or for their services as an expert.

“By supporting ongoing education, companies can assist healthcare professionals to acquire the appropriate understanding and knowledge of new innovative therapies, which is appropriate and accountable,” concluded Ms de Somer.


More information – Natalie Wimmer – 0450 728 660 –