World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day aims to draw attention to the harmful health effects of smoking.

Every year, smoking kills around 15,000 Australians according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Australia already has some of the toughest smoking regulations in the world, and was the first country in the world to pioneer plain tobacco packaging.

Plain tobacco packaging reminds people of the dangers of smoking through pictures and antismoking messages. This has been championed by the World Health Organization (WHO). As part of the 2016 ‘No Tobacco’ campaign WHO is calling on all countries to follow Australia’s lead.

Nicotine, one of the chemicals in tobacco, is very addictive and makes quitting very difficult. While it is worthwhile to focus measures like plain packaging on a day like this, it is also an occasion to encourage smokers to quit.

Quitting smoking dramatically reduces the risk of having a heart attack or developing lung cancer. There are many different smoking cessation treatments available in Australia.

This includes Nicotine Replacement Therapy, as well as prescription medicines available under certain conditions through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. According to Quit Victoria taking a medicine to quit smoking has been shown to double your chances of quitting.

Quitline, a free telephone support service can also provide guidance and support to individuals who want to stop smoking. Pharmacists, doctors and other health professionals can help to provide individual advice for those who want to quit.

Medicines Australia encourages Australians to quit smoking together on World No Tobacco Day, and encourages smokers to seek advice from health professionals.


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