Code Edition 19

Over the past 60 years, the Code of Conduct has kept pace with the changing demands of our evolving industry. The current edition of the Code, Code Edition 19 was adopted by Medicines Australia member companies on 26 November 2019 and came into effect on 30 March 2020. An amendment was made to Section 4.5 on 3 November 2022, and this constitutes Edition 19 (Version 2), which is now in effect. Edition 19 is being reviewed in 2024. Reviews are held periodically to ensure the Code remains relevant, coherent, useful and credible.

Code Edition 19 uses a principles-based approach

The Code of Conduct Edition 19 is the next stage in Medicines Australia’s continued efforts to strive for best practice, giving our members the confidence to innovate and make meaningful connections with the best interest of patient communities at heart. This edition is vastly streamlined from previous editions, allowing our members to focus on the core of what matters in their communications with stakeholders. It retains the same rigorous ethical standards of past editions and continues to uphold the same commitment to transparency in reporting on financial interactions between healthcare professionals and health consumer organisations.

Code Resource Toolkit

Code Resource Toolkit – Edition 19 is supported by a Code Resource Toolkit which hosts useful tools and guidance to support implementation of the Code of Conduct. It will grow with time and future editions of the Code.

Code of Conduct Bridging Program

Code of Conduct Bridging Program – Edition 19 of the Code underwent a complete re-write. Medicines Australia recommends the Code of Conduct Bridging Program conducted by the University of Tasmania, which provides an overview of the Code of Conduct and the key provisions it contains, as well as detailing changes made with any new edition of the Code.

Previous Editions of the Code

The previous version of the Code, Edition 18 is viewable here, along with its accompanying Guidelines (version 2). Both this edition and its guidelines have been superseded by Edition 19 and its accompanying Code Resource Toolkit.

To access any other archived Codes of Conduct, please contact the Code Help Desk

Medicines Australia is no longer publishing the Code of Conduct in hard copy.