Patient voice and experience must be part of the Government’s decision-making when funding medicines

27 April 2022: Medicines Australia today released the third instalment in its Federal Election social media campaign, with the latest video stressing the importance for governments to incorporate the patient voice and experience when developing health policy, including when funding medicines.

Medicines Australia CEO, Elizabeth de Somer, said the campaign is designed to increase awareness of the importance of policy reform to the major parties and the community to ensure all Australians have improved access to medicines when they need them.

“Our members discover, develop, and manufacture prescription medicines, biotherapeutics, and vaccines that contribute to a happy and healthy Australia,” Ms de Somer said.

“Our members also invest in Australian medical research and take local discoveries and developments around the world.

“We are led by science, innovation, technology, and research. It is at the heart of our policy and collaborative work.

“And importantly, thanks to patient support groups, we can hear first-hand the voices and experiences of patients.

“We believe that understanding the patients’ perspective in navigating treatment is critical in improving the system as a whole.

“Patients bring invaluable and unique personal knowledge and experience of living with a condition.

“Patient representatives are making sure that their voices and the voices of their communities are heard.

“They explain how diseases impact them and what really matters to them, their families, and their carers.

“Listening to patient experiences, understanding their challenges, and exchanging insights is critical.

“We believe this knowledge must be a core part of the Government’s decision-making when funding medicines.

“All Australian families, no matter their culture, language, or background, deserve fast access to the best medicines, vaccines, and treatments.

“Medicines save lives. Medicines matter. Patient voices matter,” Ms de Somer said.

Watch the latest video, Listening to the patient voice. Other videos in the Medicines Australia election social media campaign include Timely access to medicine and The pillars of health. A new video will be released each week of the election campaign.


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