Federal Election 2022

Australia can come back stronger from this pandemic, but only with a reinforced health system to support it and to protect Australian’s from future pandemics.

Medicines and vaccines are an integral component of healthcare and keep Australians safe so they can live long, healthy lives. Australians need faster access to the latest medical advancements in medicines, treatments and vaccines. No Australian patient should be left behind.

Every innovative medicine made available in Australia generates a significant return on investment to the patient, the community, the economy and the Government.

Medicines Australia Election Asks

Medicines Australia has written to the Liberal and Labor parties, outlining our election priorities to strengthen our health system for all Australians.

Read Medicines Australia’s letter to the Hon. Greg Hunt MP
Read Medicines Australia’s letter to the Hon. Mark Butler MP
Read the response from the Liberal Party
Read the response from the Labor Party

Access to Medicines

Getting access to the latest breakthroughs in medicines and vaccines keep our families happy and healthy. Australia’s systems and processes are not keeping pace with the speed of science and medical research. Medicines and vaccines are taking too long to reach Australians.

Pillars of Health

Public hospitals, doctors, nurses and health organisations are all pillars of our strong, Australian health system. Medicines and vaccines are part of our everyday life and at every stage of life. They are a vital pillar that keep Australians healthy.

Investing in health is one of the best investments that governments can make. It sets us up for the future.

Patient Voice

Patients bring invaluable knowledge and experience of living with a condition. They can tell us how a disease impacts them and what really matters to them, their families and their carers. Medicines Australia believes that understanding the patient’s perspective in navigating treatment is critical to improving our health system as a whole.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Review

A health technology assessment (HTA) is conducted on a lot of medicines, vaccines and medical devices before they become available to Australians.

A review of our HTA system will start this year and streamline the process, meaning patients don’t have to wait as long. The Review will include the voices of patients to make sure our HTA systems support real-world evidence and personal experiences.

National Medicines Policy (NMP) Review

The National Medicines Policy (NMP) tells us how every Australian can access and use medicines, vaccines, and treatments.

It was created 20 years ago and is now undergoing its first refresh to make sure it is modern and ready for the future.

Discount Rate

Australia must lower the discount rate it makes on medicines, vaccines and treatments that have long-term benefits (such as childhood vaccines). Australia’s current discount rate has not been updated in over 30 years and does not align with international best practise.