Government’s statement on innovation and collaboration a big step forward

Medicines Australia chief executive Dr Brendan Shaw welcomed the Government’s industry and innovation statement released today by the Prime Minister.

“The Government’s positive engagement in this vitally important area of public policy for Australia’s future through the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Taskforce, the Clinical Trials Action Group and the McKeon Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research is to be applauded,” Dr Shaw said today.

“Innovation by Australian businesses leads to greater productivity, stimulates employment and makes us a more competitive nation in the global economy.

“The Government’s Statement, A Plan for Australia Jobs, describes a number of opportunities for Australia to capitalise on our established strength in medical research.

“The Government’s further commitment to implement clinical trial reforms that were recommended by the Clinical Trial Action Group is especially welcome. Medicines Australia, has been strongly advocating for these reforms since the Action Group reported to Government in March 2011.

“It is encouraging to see funding and policy commitment being directed to these crucial microeconomic reforms for Australia’s innovative future.

“Clinical trial reform has a had a long and rather torturous history – two steps forward, one step back – so it is satisfying to see the Government commit real financial resources to getting this work done.

“Given the disappointments of the past, this is great news and we are very keen to work with the Government to ensure this important area of microeconomic reform is implemented as soon as possible.”

Dr Shaw also applauded the proposed establishment of 10 Innovation Precincts.

“These precincts, supported by the new Industry Innovation Network, will provide opportunities for Australia’s biotech and medicines companies to connect and collaborate with other businesses to create synergies and efficiencies.

“The global bio-pharmaceutical industry is constantly looking for opportunities to partner with research institutions, universities and emergent biotech companies. The Innovation Precinct concept is a real opportunity for Australia to capitalise on opportunities for collaboration.

“The Plan for Australian Jobs is a step up in innovation policy for Australia and should be welcomed by Australian business.

“In an environment where the pharmaceuticals industry has faced over 300 job losses in the last quarter of 2012, we welcome initiatives that will help reverse this trend.

“Medicines Australia and our member companies look forward to working with the Government to finalise and implement clinical trial reforms in a timely manner and to create opportunities for Australia’s medicines industry to build on its success in driving innovation in partnership with the Australian research sector.”


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