Next Health Minister must restart the National Medicines Policy Review

10 May 2022: Medicines Australia has released a video outlining the importance of restarting the National Medicines Policy Review as soon as a new Government is elected.

The National Medicines Policy (NMP) tells us how every Australian can access and use medicines, vaccines, and treatments. The NMP applies to medicines research, development, regulation, manufacturing, supply, and access to medicines.

Medicines Australia CEO, Elizabeth de Somer, said the NMP Review is the first time the policy has been reviewed in more than 20 years.

“The Morrison Government commenced a review of the NMP – but this was paused until after the Federal election following calls from many stakeholders who needed more time to provide input into the Review.

“The National Medicines Policy affects all Australians and especially our future generations.

“We will urge the next Government and the new Minister for Health to restart the review with a more consultative approach.

“The Government must listen to industry, medical and public health experts and organisations, clinicians, patient groups, and the public – the patients themselves.

“The new National Medicines Policy must be a priority for the next Government.

Major reforms such as NMP Review and the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Review will likely be topics of discussion in a roundtable debate this week on Australia’s health system.

Hosted by well-respected senior health journalist, Sue Dunlevy of the Daily Telegraph, Ms de Somer will join a panel of health leaders at 8pm on 12 May AEST to discuss the Federal Election and the health policies that need urgent attention.

Medicines Australia has outlined the health priorities for the next Government in a series of videos which are being released each week of the Federal Election campaign.

Watch the latest video, The National Medicines Policy (NMP) Review.

Other videos in the Medicines Australia election social media campaign:


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