Patients to benefit from Coalition PBS commitment

The Federal Coalition’s election commitment to restoring transparency, certainty and confidence to the process for listing medicines on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme will benefit Australian patients as well as industry, Medicines Australia chief executive Dr Brendan Shaw said today.

Dr Shaw said the Coalition’s commitment, set out in its Real Solutions for all Australians document, will help ensure Australians have universal and timely access to new prescription medicines.

“The Coalition’s promise to ensure medicines are listed on the basis of advice from the independent Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee rather than on the whim of Government is great news for patients and great news for the medicines industry,” Dr Shaw said.

“The listing process has suffered a loss of some confidence, with Cabinet interference in PBAC decisions and difficulties in getting a number of new medicines listed.

“Restoring confidence and certainty to that process is critical for patients and for industry.

“The medicines industry in Australia makes a significant contribution to the health and wealth of the nation, but business certainty and stability is paramount.

“I am encouraged that the Coalition has committed to delivering that certainty in the context of the PBS listing process.

“I also congratulate the Coalition on its commitment to maintain health and medical research funding and to support the innovative manufacturing sector.

“The Australian medicines industry attracts $1 billion a year in R&D investment and exports $4 billion a year so these policy commitments will help enable the medicines industry to continue growing its contribution to the health and wealth of the nation.

“The Coalition’s commitments to a predictable PBS process, preserving medical research and encouraging an innovative economy are welcome developments and to be applauded.”


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