What is the HTA Review and why is it important for Australia’s health system?

3 May 2022: Medicines Australia has released its fourth video in its Federal Election series, explaining the upcoming independent review of Australia’s Health Technology Assessment (HTA) system – the first of its kind in nearly 30 years.

Medicines Australia CEO, Elizabeth de Somer, said the HTA Review, which starts in July, will support a new era of healthcare for our nation.

“Currently in our health system, the HTA directs government funding to health technologies that are relevant, cost effective, and safe.

“It applies to pharmaceuticals such as vaccines, diagnostic tests, medical procedures, and public health interventions.

“The main purpose of the HTA is to inform health policy decision-makers to ensure the Australian health system is equipped to meet the demands – and embrace the new medicines and technologies – for future generations.

“Right now, patients wait too long to access new and innovative medicines.

“The HTA Review aims to reduce time to access for Australian patients so that they can access new health technologies as early as possible and to ensure Australia’s HTA system evolves to keep pace with advancements in medical technologies.

The HTA Review has bipartisan support and is a key part of the five-year Strategic Agreement signed between Medicines Australia and the Federal Government last year.

“The HTA Review must be one of the main priorities for the next Government,” Ms de Somer said.

Watch the latest video, Reviewing our health technology assessments (HTA).

Other videos in the Medicines Australia election social media campaign include Listening to the patient voiceTimely access to medicine, and The pillars of health. A new video will be released each week of the Federal Election campaign.

More information about the HTA Review is available on the Medicines Australia website.


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