Reporting of payments to Healthcare Professionals

Medicines Australia is an advocate for transparency about reportable payments and transfers of value provided by Medicines Australia Member Companies to healthcare professionals.

Reporting these payments and transfers of value demonstrates our ongoing commitment to transparency. This reporting will help the Australian community to better understand the nature and extent of the programs our Member Companies support to improve the quality use of medicines, advance patient care and supporting our local communities.

To ensure continued public trust in these relationships, the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct Edition 18, which came into effect on 16 May 2015, includes requirements for reporting payments and transfers of value to individual healthcare professionals. For further information about transparency reporting requirements and to access hyperlinks to Member Company reports, please visit the Transparency Reporting page of our website.

From 1 October 2015 with the informed consent of healthcare professionals, reportable payments and transfers of value to healthcare professionals must be reported by Member Companies. These include:

  • Fees paid to healthcare professionals for speaking at an educational meeting or event.
  • Sponsorship of a healthcare professional to attend an educational event. Reportable sponsorships are any airfare, accommodation or registration fees for the event.
  • Fees paid to healthcare professional consultants, or to their employers on their behalf, for their services. This includes, all consultancy services provided in relation to educational meetings, preparation of promotional materials or product position papers, assistance with training or any other advice to the company. It includes any accommodation and/or airfares associated with providing the consulting service. This does not include payments to consultants in relation to research and development work, including the conduct of clinical trials.
  • Fees paid to healthcare professionals as Advisory Board members. This includes all sitting fees, accommodation and airfares associated with the activities of the Advisory Board.
  • Fees paid to healthcare professionals for the purpose of market research where the identity of the healthcare professional is known to the company that contracted the market research.

Where a healthcare professional requests a monetary payment for any of the above to be made to a third party, these payments must still be disclosed for the individual healthcare professional. However, the report will identify that payment was made to a third party.

Please note that individual Member Companies have published these reports and any queries about a report should be directed to the relevant Member Company and not to Medicines Australia.

Member Companies have independently prepared their reports from their own information to identify an individual healthcare professional. It cannot be assumed that a particular healthcare professional who appears in one Member Company’s report is the same healthcare professional who appears in another Member Company’s report. Any use or disclosure of the data by a third party is the responsibility of that third party, who must comply with the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

Each Member Company has prepared its report for publication in accordance with the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, Edition 18 and Australia’s Privacy legislation. The report identifies healthcare professionals by name where their consent has been provided. Where consent has not been provided the information is reported in aggregate. In this section of the reports, Member Companies will state the number of healthcare professionals to whom a reportable payment or transfer of value was made and the aggregated value of these.

From 1 October 2016 consent to report will no longer be requested. Reporting these payments or transfers of value will be mandatory for our Member Companies who will give notice to healthcare professionals when engaging with them that they should reasonably expect that all reportable payments or transfers of value will be disclosed for each healthcare professional, by name. When engaging with a pharmaceutical company and receiving a reportable payment or transfer of value, this will be publicly reported and it will no longer be possible to opt out of disclosure.

The following table provides an explanation of the information included in each column of the reporting table:

Column Information included
Date of the event or provision of service Note that this is not the date of payment. It is the date on which the activity occurred, with the month and year. For longer activities (eg, a consultancy), the period is given.

Each report will include reportable payments or transfers of value that have been made to individual HCPs in the reporting period. It is possible that payments relating to a single event may appear in more than one report if a payment is made some time after the event. A payment becomes reportable once it has been paid or the transfer of value (airfare, accommodation or registration fee) has occurred.

The healthcare professional’s full name Healthcare professionals are listed alphabetically by their surname, first name and the initial of their middle name, if known.
The type of healthcare professional The following types of healthcare professionals may be included:

medical practitioner

Specialty of practice is not required to be included.

The healthcare professional’s practice address The street number, street name, suburb or town, and state are provided. Further details such as a hospital department may also be included.
The type of service A description of the purpose of the service provided by the healthcare professional is selected from the following:

Advisory Board/Committee member
Educational meeting speaker or Chairperson
Educational meeting attendee
Market research participant

The type of event or activity A description of the type of event or activity is selected from the following:

Company meeting in Australia
Company meeting overseas
Independent meeting in Australia
Independent meeting overseas
Market research
Consulting service
Advisory Board or Committee Meeting

Who the payment or transfer of value was made to Who the payment or transfer of value was made to, selected from the following:

the healthcare professional
healthcare professional’s employer (eg if a monetary fee is paid to the healthcare professional’s employer or is paid into an institutional account)
third party (such as a charity or another individual)

The amount of the payment or transfer of value All reportable payments and transfers of value are exclusive of GST, subdivided into:

registration fees (where paid)
airfare and accommodation (a single amount relevant to the particular event or activity)
fees for service (a single amount relevant to the particular event or activity)

Sample Table

Click here to view a fictitious example of reportable payments made to a healthcare professional.