Thank you for contributing to a hugely successful PharmAus event – Medicines Matter: To the patient, the community and the economy.

A comprehensive report of the event is available here.

This year’s far-ranging discussion focussed on how to continue to improve the Australian health system, noting that while it is highly effective in some respects, there is still progress to be made. Four key themes emerged from the discussion throughout the day:

  1. Patients must be at the centre of all health care decisions – from decisions of care through to involvement in policy and regulatory decision making. Without including patients, we risk making assumptions about what matters rather than decisions informed by information from those most affected.
  2. The upcoming review of the National Medicines Policy offers a significant opportunity for change. We need to take this opportunity to engage with the National Medicines Policy review to ensure the Policy is fit for the 21st century.
  3. The pharmaceutical industry is facing – and embracing – rapid change. From technological developments to advances in personalised care, the medicines landscape is evolving, and we must be responsive and adaptive.
  4. Compelling economic arguments support investment in innovative medicines. Medicines support economic growth through extending lives, reducing morbidity, reducing hospital costs, creating jobs, furthering the export industry and boosting productivity.

PharmAus Presentations and Videos

Session 1: Medicines Matter to the Patient
Susan Hughes, Director, Dragon Claw
Dr Vincent McCauley, CMO, Telstra Health
Karen Van Gorp

Session 2: Medicines Matter to the Community
Mike Stephens, Director, Programme Development, NACCHO
Ann Single and Jessica Bean, Patient Voice Initiative

Session 3: Medicines Matter to the Economy
Professor Frank Lichtenberg, Courtney C Brown Professor of Business at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business

Session 4: Medicines Matter to the Government
Dr Dan Grant, CEO, MTPConnect
Dr Megan Keaney, Principal Medical Adviser, Department of Health
Dr Ben Harris, Director, Self Care Alliance

Leaders Breakfast – Wednesday 16 October
Sharon Winton, CEO, Lymphoma Australia
Dana Bradford, Senior Research Scientist, Australian eHealth Research Centre, CSIRO

Photo Gallery

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